A Lifetime Customer
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A Lifetime Customer

by Jen Novotny | Jan 10, 2018
June Riess is one of First National Bank’s longest customers. She remembers her dad saying that he opened her savings account with $5 on the day she was born in 1936. In 2017, that $5 would be worth $87.48! June would go to the bank with her mother and dad when the bank was on Main Street in Hartford. She has experienced first-hand many of the bank’s changes over the last 110 years — from relocation, to expansions, to the addition of new branches and new staff members.

June Riess with her parents in the 1950s.

“I knew many of the staff members at First National Bank personally from school or being in the community,” June says. “I remember Mr. Radke, Mr. Hader was a local boy, I went to grade school with Dennis Carroll, and Jimmy Vogelsang and I go way back. This has always been a hometown bank to me. I’ve stayed with them all my life because I’ve never had a reason to want to change. You always leave with a good feeling.”

June remembers a time in her early 20’s when she needed a loan and had to talk with Mr. Radke, who was the president at the time.

“He was so wonderful and kind and nice that I suddenly felt very at ease. Everyone I’ve ever dealt with at the bank has always made me feel very at ease.”

Whenever June has had an issue, she says the bank has always gone to bat for her.

“My father passed away in 1976 and until this year my phone number was in still my father’s name because I never changed it after he died,” June says. “I ended up getting a $30 check from AT&T that was made out to my father. I took the death certificate to the bank and the teller took it to another staff member and right there they typed up a letter and made a copy of the death certificate and said they would send this in to AT&T for me. It worked. I got my $30 and they automatically changed the listing to my name, and I didn’t even have to call the phone company. That’s what I love about this bank —you never have to be afraid to ask for any kind of help. They’re always so accommodating.”

While many of the staff members June went to grade school and high school with have since retired, she says even the new staff members make her feel comfortable.

“Through the years, and even after I’ve gotten older and there are new people, it’s still a hometown bank to me,” June says. “Everyone still knows me and they are always very kind and nice. I enjoy working with the people in charge. They do a very good job.”

Thank you, June, for being one of our longest customers!