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Equipment Leasing

Equipment leasing is a popular way for businesses of all sizes to acquire equipment. Nearly any piece of equipment qualifies, and it’s a great option for businesses with limited cash flow. Now businesses and municipalities can get their equipment leasing needs met at Forte Bank.* Unlike a leasing company where leases are transaction-based, our leases are relationship-based. We know you, and we know your business. We already have an established, trusted business relationship with you, and we understand your objectives when you lease. No longer are large fees and penalties around each corner — we never charge termination or prepayment penalties, and we can structure your lease to provide you with maximum flexibility.

In addition, our leasing process is extremely efficient. Customers have been pleased with the ease of completing the application and are finding that they receive funding just a couple of business days after the date of their application.

Leasing through Forte Bank makes sense. Our business is to grow your business, and leasing builds on our commitment to provide you with the financial tools you need to succeed. In addition, coordinating all your banking and equipment financing activity with one bank is convenient and saves you valuable time.

Contact one of our commercial lenders to learn more to find out how we can meet your leasing needs.

If you’ve already spoken with a commercial lender, complete your equipment lease application now!

Please note that this application will go directly to our leasing partner, BB Community Leasing Services, Inc.

Learn more about our options for municipal equipment leasing.


Leasing Options

The popularity and growth of leasing is in large part due to the wide variety of available lease options. These include:

  • 100% financing – no down payment required
  • New or used equipment
  • Variable payments for seasonal customers
  • Fixed rate for the lease term
  • Leases structured to meet tax objectives


Accordion Feature: Only from your local bank

We offer an accordion feature that allows for an increase or decrease in payment during the lease term depending on need for tax shelter. Talk with a commercial lender for details.

Tax Lease vs. Capital Lease

A tax lease is structured to provide the leasing company with equipment ownership and all of the depreciation benefits that come with. In return, your lease payments are fully deductible. The documentation for a tax lease is designed to conform to all related guidelines. A capital lease, also known as a finance lease, is structured to pass all ownership benefits to you, including depreciation. Only the interest portion of your lease payment is deductible, along with your depreciation expense. Such leases commonly have a $1.00 purchase option at expiration. For counsel and guidance, we recommend you discuss your specific situation with your tax advisor to assess which lease best fits your needs.

Thinking of Leasing? Contact us Today!

If your business is considering an equipment lease, either now or in the future, contact our commercial lending team about the options available for you. As your local community bank, we can show you how to best structure a lease to fit your needs and meet your goals.

Or, complete your equipment lease or municipal equipment lease application now!

Please note that this application will go directly to our leasing partner, BB Community Leasing Services, Inc.

*Lease and all related servicing is provided through our partnership with BB Community Leasing Services, Inc. – Madison, WI.