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Skip the Trip with Mobile Deposit!

Mobile deposit allows you to use a compatible smartphone to photograph an image of an original check that is drawn on, or payable through, a United States financial institution, and electronically deposit it into your eligible Forte Bank personal account via the Forte Bank Mobile Banking app. At this time, the Forte Bank Mobile Banking app is only available for smartphones and not tablets. Learn more about mobile banking.

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Mobile Deposit FAQs

Is there a fee for mobile deposit?

Mobile deposit is provided at no charge to you. We may, upon at least 30 days prior notice to you, to the extent required by applicable law, charge a fee for use of mobile deposit. Message and data rates from your service provider may apply.

What type of smartphone can I use for mobile deposit?

To access mobile deposit you must have a compatible smartphone with the ability to take photographs and a wireless carrier or access to a secure Wi-Fi network, as well as the Forte Bank Mobile Banking app.

Should I endorse the checks before I submit them for deposit?

Yes. Sign/endorse the back of your check exactly as the check is made payable and also include “For mobile deposit only, Forte Bank”

Can I deposit multiple checks at one time?

No. Each check is one deposit. If you have multiple checks, each check must be submitted for deposit separately in the mobile banking app.

Are there limits to how much I can deposit?

As of January 1, 2024, retail users will have a $5,000/day mobile deposit maximum and business users will have a $15,000/day mobile deposit maximum. A mobile deposit limit reduces the risk associated with potential fraud or unauthorized use by making it more challenging for fraudsters to deposit large sums of money into an account using stolen or forged checks.

Forte Bank reserves the right to change the frequency and dollar amount of deposits submitted through mobile deposit.

When will my deposit be credited to my account?

Photographing and submitting check image deposits does not constitute receipt of the deposit by Forte Bank. Generally, the check image deposits received prior to 4:00 p.m. central time (CT) are processed on the same business day. The funds will be available in the account on the next business day. Business day means any day other than Saturday, Sunday, and federal holidays. Any check image deposit received after 4:00 p.m. CT on a business day, or on a day other than a business day, will be processed on the next business day.

What kind of checks can I deposit through mobile deposit?

Forte Bank’s mobile banking app will accept photographs of original checks payable to and properly endorsed by you, drawn on financial institutions in the United States with a valid ABA/routing number and denominated in U.S. Dollars, and intended for deposit by you to your designated account with Forte Bank.

How long should I keep the original check?

Forte Bank suggests that you mark deposited items with “Electronically Deposited” to avoid duplicate deposits. You should destroy original checks (30) days following receipt and crediting of your check image deposit to your bank account. Prior to destruction, you will need to maintain each original check in a secure location. Each original check should be fully destroyed following any retention period and a paper shredder is one such method to assure destruction.

Will I receive notification of the deposit being received?

Not at this time. Confirm that your mobile deposit has posted to your account by logging into online banking or mobile banking and reviewing your transactions.

What happens if I accidentally redeposit a check?

If this accidentally occurs, the item will be detected as a duplicate and your account will be adjusted. You will be notified by mail.
As part of the terms and conditions of Forte Bank’s mobile banking service, you agree that you will not intentionally submit for deposit any original check to Forte Bank or to any other person or entity, if a check image of the original check has already been submitted and accepted for deposit into your account with Forte Bank or by any other person or entity.

How do I get the best possible image of the check being deposited?

Who do I contact if I have any questions regarding mobile banking or mobile deposit?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Deposit Operations department at 262-670-3878.

What do I do if I lose or misplace my phone?

You must deactivate your phone from mobile banking using online banking from a secure computer or by contacting our deposit operations department at 262-670-3878.