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Debit Cards

Access money from your checking account without writing a check or carrying cash. When you make a purchase, the amount is automatically deducted from your checking account, without the inconvenience of writing a check. Use your debit card and Online Banking to easily review all of your purchases and simplify record keeping.

Plus, all of our debit cards are enabled for use with mobile wallet technology such as Apple Pay®, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay giving you a contactless way to pay and making your purchases easier and even more secure. You may be asked to enter your Personal Identification number (PIN) for debit card transactions.

Your MasterCard® debit card also is accepted around the world and can also be used for free ATM access. Plus, you have the benefit of MasterCard’s Zero Liability Fraud Protection.


Now offering Instant Issue EMV chip debit cards!

Receive your Forte Bank personal debit card instantly at the Hartford branch. Richfield and Slinger branches offer next business day availability, or customers can pick up their card in Hartford on the same day.

Text Fraud Alerts

Forte Bank is now offering text fraud alerts for all debit card holders, including consumer, business and Health Savings Account customers.

All debit card holders are automatically enrolled in the program. The system will text you if it flags a transaction that is considered high risk or out of character for your typical purchases.

The initial text will ask you to verify an attempted purchase. If you confirm the purchase, you will receive a second text asking you to attempt the transaction again. If you did not attempt the transaction, you will be prompted to contact Forte Bank immediately and your card will be restricted.

Contact Deposit Operations at 262-670-3878 or any branch staff with any questions or concerns about text fraud alerts.


Expanded Customer Service Hours for Debit Cards

We are now offering expanded customer service hours for debit card customers for things such as temporary limit increases, answers to card transaction questions (i.e. “Why was my card denied,” “What is my limit at the ATM,” etc.), the ability to report a card lost or stolen, and PIN try resets.

Debit card holders can call 1-833-357-0004 to speak with someone 24/7, including to report your debit card lost or stolenor if you believe there has been fraudulent activity on your card.

Of course, if you’d rather call the branch with your debit card needs we are happy to assist you during our regular business hours.


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