Five Generations of Stockholders
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Five Generations of Stockholders

by Jen Novotny | Jan 16, 2018
John Frey and his family have a long history with First National Bank. John’s grandparents, Arthur and Edna Frey, were two of the bank’s original stockholders. John’s parents, Doris and Clifford Frey, were long-time personal and business customers. Doris and Clifford owned D.M. & C.M. Frey, Inc., a local general contractor and construction management company. In fact, Doris and Clifford’s company served as the general contractor for the First National Bank building when it moved one block off of Main Street to its current location on W. Sumner Street.

A photo of Arthur and Edna Frey

“If you walk up to the front door of the building that faces highway 60 and look up at the little roof sticking out, you’ll see a silver dollar up there,” John said. “My parents put that in the concrete as a way to leave their mark.”

When John’s grandparents passed away, they left their First National Bank stock to their four grandchildren, including John’s son and daughter. In 2017, John Frey’s granddaughter Bailey was born, and a portion of that stock was passed down to her, making Bailey one of the bank’s youngest stockholders. John also opened a Kids Club account in his granddaughter’s name.

A photo of Bailey Frey.

“I have absolutely no intention of doing business with any other bank,” John said. “No question. That’s it.”

One of the reasons John has remained a loyal customer is because First National Bank is local and independent.

“The biggest thing for me is that First National Bank is still independently owned,” John said. “I want to see First National Bank remain successful and independent.”

Of course, John also appreciates the customer service experience he receives at the bank.

“Everyone knows me and makes me feel comfortable, regardless of which branch I go to,” John said. “The bank president, Tim Purman, lives across the street from my son so I see him and his wife often. He always says hello and calls me by name. We just chatted last week when I was at my son’s house.”

John thinks that his family members will remain stockholders of First National Bank for generations to come.

“I think First National Bank is an excellent investment,” John said. “It’s almost like the best kept secret in Hartford. They’ve always had good management and made good investments.”

Thank you, Frey family, for being dedicated to First National Bank for the last five generations!