The Power of CommUNITY - Community Banking Month 2018
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The Power of CommUNITY - Community Banking Month 2018

by Jen Novotny | Mar 30, 2018

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April is Community Banking Month! We have so many fun activities planned for the month of April, including “Thank You Thursday” treat days and “Pay it Forward Fridays” (Shh, these are still a secret!). It’s all part of our month-long celebration to thank YOU — our customers and community members. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to stay on top of each activity!

Independent community banks like First National Bank have a cooperative relationship with the communities they serve. When you deposit money at First National Bank, those funds are used to support local businesses, homebuyers and everyday consumers. The proceeds from those businesses employ local residents, fund municipalities, and continue the cycle of locally-based economic growth. Unlike the big banks, First National Bank customers know that their money is being redistributed back into the community.

Remember, we are only successful if our customers and communities are too! That’s why First National Bank and its relationship business model has thrived for more than 110 years. We know what it takes to create successful local economies.

During April, we want to thank our existing customers for their support and urge those who we hope to count as future customers to consider what it means to bank locally and help sustain our local community today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

If you are not a current customer, stop in at our Hartford, Richfield or Slinger branch to learn how a community bank can help you reach your financial goals, and contribute to a more vibrant and sustainable economy in our community.

See our schedule of events for Community Banking Month!