New Online Banking Security Feature
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New Online Banking Security Feature

by Jen Novotny | Sep 06, 2023
The protection of customers’ personal information is very important to us. We are pleased to announce that Forte Bank has added a login security feature that helps guard customers’ personal information by adding another layer of identity verification to online financial interactions. This feature will take effect Sept. 12, 2023.

How does the new security feature work?
When logging into online banking on your computer or your mobile device, you will receive a message (text or voice) on your phone with a 6-digit code. You will be asked to enter this code to complete the login process. Just like your password, you should never share this 6-digit code with anyone, even if it is requested.

If you have questions about logging into online or mobile banking, please contact your nearest branch or call Deposit Operations at 262-670-3878.