Small Business Spotlight — Schulteis Pumping
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Small Business Spotlight — Schulteis Pumping

by Jen Novotny | Oct 18, 2023

Their Story

Schulteis Pumping has been a Slinger-based, family-owned and operated business since its inception in 1966 when Robert Schulteis frst bought out the assets of a construction company and renamed it Slinger Trenching. In 1971, Robert obtained his Master Plumbing License and began installing septic systems.

He soon realized that septic tanks also would need to be pumped out. After purchasing a 1951 Chevrolet water tanker from the Jackson, Wis., Fire Department and obtaining his Wisconsin Sanitary License, Robert began servicing septic systems throughout Washington County and Southeastern Wisconsin. It was during this time that Robert’s sons, Jim and Ron, got involved in the business.

In 1987, Robert retired and sold the business to Jim and Ron who incorporated it and renamed it Schulteis Sanitation. The company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016, and Jim and Ron sold the septic tank pumping and repairs business to their sons, Nathan Hill and Tim Schulteis, marking the third generation of family ownership. After the purchase, Nathan and Tim rebranded the company Schulteis Pumping, LLC.


The Challenge

Schulteis Pumping offers septic and holding tank pumping and septic system repairs. It is one of the largest septic tank pumping companies in Southeast Wisconsin and their growth has been organic since the beginning. Schulteis Pumping has never purchased another company, instead growing as the community grows. Like all businesses, they try to maintain growth while still providing excellent customer service.

“We try not to outstrip our capabilities,” says Nathan. “You’ve got to balance the work with the ability to still maintain a high level of service.”

The company’s service technicians have 100 years of combined experience and are certified by both the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services.

One of the company’s challenges has been keeping its equipment up to date.

"The equipment seems to get more and more expensive,” says Nathan. “The trucks are becoming more technologically advanced and have more safety features, which increases up-front and ongoing maintenance costs. The more moving parts and sensors on the trucks, the more things that can break down and must be fixed.”  

The Solution

In 2020, the company added a new service vehicle for septic service repairs and in 2021 it expanded its fleet to include fve septic pumping trucks. They turned to Forte Bank to help fnance the purchases with a line of credit.

“You can’t drain your cash reserves to purchase equipment; you need capital,” says Nathan. “You need to have a good banking partner, which we have with Forte Bank. They’ve always supported us with any expansion or upgrade.”

In addition to their depth of experience, Nathan believes that one of the secrets to the company’s success is delivering on their promises.

“You tell people you’re going to show up and do a certain job, so you better do what you say you’re going to do,” says Nathan.

According to Nathan, this is an ethos shared by Forte Bank.

“Everyone I’ve ever dealt with at Forte Bank has always been friendly, accommodating, and delivered what I needed. It’s simple things that make all the difference.”

As the company thrives under the third generation of family ownership, Nathan looks forward to maintaining the business and continuing to watch it grow.

 “You need to have a good banking partner, which we have with Forte Bank. They've always supported us with any expansion or upgrade."

— Nathan Hill